Lanarkshire Property Buying Guide

Purchasing property, especially your first home is an exciting and rewarding journey. And as the local property experts in the Lanarkshire area, we want you to have a great experience from planning your purchase to moving in.

In this blog, we talk about the steps involved in buying a property, how we as estate agents can help you, and other tips to make your home purchase a successful one.

Lanarkshire: A Bird’s Eye View

What are the best areas to buy property in Lanarkshire?

Lanarkshire has many charming towns, each offering unique living experiences. The first step to finding your dream home is to identify the best areas that align with your lifestyle and preferences. Get to know some popular areas:

Glasgow – Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, offers a vibrant urban environment with a rich cultural scene, excellent educational institutions, and a plethora of amenities.

East Kilbride – Known for its modern infrastructure and picturesque landscapes, East Kilbride offers a mix of suburban tranquility and easy access to Glasgow’s city center.

Hamilton – A historical town with a blend of traditional charm and contemporary living, Hamilton boasts a range of housing options, from period properties to modern apartments.

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Motherwell – An up-and-coming area, Motherwell provides a burgeoning real estate market with affordable yet stylish properties, making it attractive to first-time buyers.

Coatbridge – Coatbridge offers a welcoming and family-friendly environment, with modern shopping centers, bustling markets, green spaces, recreational facilities, well-regarded schools, and healthcare services. It has easy access to Glasgow and other nearby cities, making it an ideal choice for commuters seeking a quieter retreat while still enjoying the perks of urban living.

What are the different types of properties available in Lanarkshire?

Lanarkshire’s real estate market offers a diverse range of properties to suit various preferences and budgets. 

Detached Houses – Ideal for families seeking privacy and ample space, detached houses are available in both urban and suburban areas, often boasting gardens and driveways.

Semi-Detached Houses – Offering a balance between space and affordability, semi-detached houses are a popular choice for many homebuyers.

Terraced Houses – Perfect for those looking for a sense of community and urban living, terraced houses are often located close to city centers and amenities.

Apartments and Flats – Ideal for young professionals or those seeking low-maintenance living, apartments, and flats come in various sizes and styles.

lanarkshire property buying guide

What are the average property prices in Lanarkshire?

Understanding the average property prices in Lanarkshire is crucial for setting a realistic budget and making informed decisions. Here are the average prices based on Zoopla at which different types of residential property were sold in the last 12 months (property sales up to April 2023). Please note there can be big variations in floor area, number of rooms, and other features of each category, these are just averages for reference. In addition,  property prices may vary depending on the location, condition, and demand in the area.

Average Prices per Property Type

Detached – £278,786

Semi-detached – £166,571

Terraced – £124,953

Apartment/Flat – £88,617

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Defining Your Home Buying Goals and Budget

Before diving into the property search process, it’s essential to define your home-buying goals clearly. This involves identifying your priorities and needs in a home and setting a realistic budget.

Identifying Your Priorities and Needs in a Home

Start by making a list of must-have features and preferences for your future home. Consider factors such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor space, proximity to schools and workplaces, access to public transportation, and local amenities.

Next, prioritize these features to distinguish between essentials and desirable extras. This exercise will help you remain focused during your property search and make informed decisions.

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Setting a Realistic Budget for Lanarkshire Properties

Now that you have a clear idea of your priorities, it’s time to establish a realistic budget. Take into account your current financial situation, potential mortgage options, and any additional costs, such as land and buildings transaction tax and legal fees.

Creating a budget ensures that you explore properties within your financial means and helps narrow down your search.

Finding Your Dream Home in Lanarkshire

With your home-buying goals and budget firmly established, it’s time to embark on the exciting journey of finding your dream home in Lanarkshire. This process involves various steps, including enlisting the help of estate agents, utilizing online listings and property portals, exploring open houses, and conducting property visits and inspections.

The Role of Estate Agents in the Search Process

Real estate agents play a pivotal role in guiding you through the property search process. Well-established estate agencies will have their own portfolio of listings from which you might find your desired property. The agent will know these properties, the neighborhood, and their sellers well, so they can share a lot of useful information with you. Alternatively, you can let them know what particular features you are looking for and they can let you know when they come across a potential property for you. 

While the estate agent represents the seller, you can still gain a lot of local knowledge, property and seller-related information, and assistance with property viewing. On top of that, you will be able to present yourself as a serious buyer which can help when you make an offer and negotiate.

You can check out Kirkland’s listings here:

lanarkshire property buying guide

Utilizing Online Listings and Property Portals

In this digital age, online listings and property portals are a treasure trove of information for homebuyers. These platforms allow you to browse through a vast array of properties, filtering your search based on your requirements. Whether you are looking for affordable houses for sale in Lanarkshire or luxury properties in the best neighborhoods in the area, property portals can be a good starting point. Take advantage of these tools to shortlist properties that catch your eye before scheduling visits.

Conducting Property Visits and Inspections to Assess Potential Homes

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, schedule property visits to get a feel for each home. The seller’s estate agent can give you a guided tour and be on hand to answer any questions. Inspect the property for any potential issues, such as structural problems or necessary repairs. Remember to ask for a copy of the Home Report (more on this below).

While touring properties, take the opportunity to explore the local neighborhood. Pay attention to amenities, schools, parks, and transportation links, as these factors contribute to your overall living experience.

Importance of the Home Report

A Home Report is a document that is required for all properties that are sold in Scotland. It is designed to provide buyers with information about the property, including its condition, value, and energy efficiency.

The Home Report consists of three parts:

Single Survey which is a report on the condition of the property, carried out by a chartered surveyor. The report will identify any defects or problems with the property, and whether they need urgent repair. This also includes a report on the value of the property, carried out by a qualified valuer.

The Property Questionnaire tackles details such as the property’s tax council band, any issues like storm or fire damage, extensions and additions, and details of any specialist work or guarantees. 

The Energy Report, carried out by a qualified energy assessor, gives an energy performance certificate (EPC), which is a rating of the property’s energy efficiency.

Buyers are entitled to ask for a copy of the Home Report, and you should do so before making an offer on a property. It must be made available to you within 9 days upon request from the seller’s agent. Make sure to carefully examine this document, especially the Single Survey on necessary repairs or other property issues, before proceeding with an offer.

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Making an Offer and Negotiating

Once you’ve found your dream home, it’s time to make an offer through a solicitor. Crafting an offer requires a delicate balance between making a competitive proposal and ensuring it aligns with your budget and priorities. Your offer has to be reasonable in relation to the valuation and recently sold homes with similar features. 

Be prepared for counter offers from the seller. Shouldering repairs, upgrades, and removing or leaving furniture and appliances can be part of the negotiation. Evaluate each counteroffer carefully and respond accordingly, keeping in mind your budget and priorities.

Finalizing the Purchase and Legal Aspects

As the negotiations progress successfully, it’s time to focus on the final steps of the purchase process. The solicitors of both buyer and seller will review the legal documents and contracts, and complete the transaction.

The missives are a set of letters between the buyer and seller’s solicitors that set out the terms of the sale. Once the missives are concluded, the buyer’s solicitor will start the conveyancing process.

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer.

Kirkland Estate Agents Team

Keep in Touch with the Estate Agent

It’s not a bad idea to stay connected with the estate agent who marketed the property you purchased. If you would like to sell at a later point in time, they would be well-placed to again put this property on the market for you. 

At Kirkland Estate Agents we strive to provide expert advice and tailored service not just to property sellers but to those who are looking to buy as well. If you are in the market for a new home, or an investment property in the Lanarkshire area, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For enquiries and to get in touch with the team, click on the button below.

What Our Clients Say

Emma Dickson
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"Selling our home with Kirkland was the best decision I have made. We managed to achieve an unbelievable price for our property and sold in a matter of days. Gillian has been an absolute joy to deal with, from arranging viewings to giving me advice, she has been on hand to answer any of my questions and could not be more helpful. She has taken care of everything for me, has ensured that I am up to date at all times and is just such a lovely person. I can’t thank her and the rest of the team enough. I would recommend Kirkland to anyone thinking of selling their home."
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"Best decision I have made was to go with Kirkland Estate Agents. Their service was first class. I cannot thank them enough. They totally took the stress out of everything and kept me updated every step of the way. our property was sold in super fast time and the offer accepted, exceeded what we first expected. I can't thank Gillian, Ross and Heather enough, they made you feel like nothing was a bother. I'm actually going to miss my daily chats with Gillian. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks so much again for everything."
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"I cannot recommend Kirkland Estate Agents enough from start to finish the team have been so supportive. Ross is always contactable and offers advice throughout. Gillian kept in touch throughout all the viewings offering advice and support taking some of the stress out of the process. I cannot thank the team enough and would highly recommend using them."
Ddona L S Reid
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"just want to say a huge thank you to Ross, Gillian and Wilma , i waiting a long time and done my research for the best company to sell my house, its been a very emotional time these ladies kept me informed from start to finish, their service was above and beyond what I expected, I would recommend Kirkland Estate agents 100%."
Nicola Little
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"A huge thank you to Gillian & Wilma for making both the purchase and sale process run so professionally. Your customer service, communication and understanding of your clients make everything so much easier and stress free. I would recommend Kirkland Estate Agents to anyone, they truly are first class. Thank you very much Nicola & Jean"
Stephanie Morgan
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"Thank you to Ross and Gillian at Kirkland’s for helping me sell my home. Within 1 week of it being on the market we had around 20 viewings carried out and closing date set. Very happy with the price we achieved! This business is very well organised and each step of the process has been straightforward. The reason we picked this agent to begin with was for the marketing / professional photos and they did not disappoint. Great service. Would highly recommend."
Carol McEwan
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"We selected Kirkland Estate Agents out of 3 estate agents. The valuation was spot on, there was no hard sell from Ross. We thought their photography set them apart from other estate agents and found out it was done by a professional photographer. We appreciated the fact they are a small, local company who would do their best to sell our house. As a meticulous graphic designer, I valued their swift responses to my photography and copy-related enquiries. This level of service might not have been possible with a large, national firm. Thanks to Wilma and Gillian for facilitating a quick, above-home-report offer in July and ensuring a smooth process. Wilma's solicitor recommendation was also excellent. If I was selling in the area again I would definitely use Kirkland as I found them super helpful and very quick to action everything."

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